Metal Mounted Images

This is an example of a 20 x 30 wood mounted image. The title of the picture is written in the center in the bottom of the image and the edition number in the bottom right together with my signature. The metal mounted images do not require framing. Notice the 1 1/4” flush metal framing system on the side.

Main features of the metal mounted image option

* Available in the following sizes: 

12 x 18

16 x 24

20 x 30

24 x 36

Alternative sizes are available upon request.

* Easy to clean

* Handles moisture and a great option for a bathroom

* Simple to hang

* Simple and contemporary style

This is a shot of the side of a metal mounted image. Notice the sleek 1 1/4” flush metal back frame.

This is a shot of the back of a metal mounted image.